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Top Emerging Restaurant Design Trends

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Restaurant owners always have a new trend to look forward to. The trends change every year, and staying ahead of them may give you an edge of the competition. Some of the leading trends include:

  • All Occasion Seating

 In the past years, restaurant seating was a basic table and a few chairs. However, the seating has changed significantly over the past few years. The interior design trends now use a variety of furnishings that can serve many purposes. They include comfortable sofas and lounge chairs. They have textured pillows for comfort.

Many restaurants may also prefer communal seating arrangements to accommodate large groups. They may have individual booths for customers who prefer a more intimate feel.

  • Warm Palettes

Even though grey bases have been trendy in the past decade, many restaurants are now shifting to brown, burnt orange, and other warm tones. Warm colour tones are said to increase excitement and heart rate. They stimulate appetite and encourage customers to add more. Colours that are found in nature are homely and inviting. They make great backdrops for Instagram.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

The trendiest flooring option for restaurants is luxury vinyl tile. It is excellent for the bathrooms, the lobby area, and dining areas. The flooring option is durable and easy to clean. It is strong and capable of handling wear and tear from foot traffic. If you wish to replace it, you can do it with minimal disruption. You don’t have to shut down your operations. There are different colours and textures to choose from.

  • Texture

A common trend in restaurant interior design is the use of varied textures and finishes. You can incorporate texture into your restaurant through lighting, furnishings, and textiles. Consider using wood-look or concrete-like flooring, artwork, and metal lighting fixtures.

  • Social Impact

Restaurants now try to make their impact on social media just as strong as their physical impact. Almost 3.48 billion people have a social media presence. The average user in America has seven social media accounts. It, therefore, makes sense that restaurants are putting in an effort to maintain a strong social media presence. It is vital for both fast-food chains and fine dining establishments. They are great for advertising and may give customers a sneak peek of what a restaurant has to offer before they step in. 86% of millennials are likely to try out a new restaurant if they saw it in food-related content online.

  • Open Kitchen Plans

Even though they are non-traditional, open kitchen floor plans have become increasingly popular in restaurants. They give customers a chance to see what is happening in the kitchen and feel like a part of the cooking experience.

If you plan on designing a new restaurant or improving an existing one, it is essential to take note of the trends. Some of the leading trends include open kitchen/floor plans, all-occasion seating, luxury vinyl tile flooring, and the use of warm tones. Working with a top designer like Dawnvale may help you achieve your desired look.

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