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Some of the most popular types of pizza

by Paul Petersen


Cheese Pizza: This is a very simple elementary form of pizza which only includes the marinara sauce, or most commonly known as the tomato sauce layered on flatbread which is then topped with a generous amount of cheese.

Vegetable pizza: This type of pizza takes it to a whole other level! You can rake your brain with all kinds of ideas with this one. Vegetable pizza adds colour and life to the dish. Some of the most common veggies added are bell peppers, corn, olives and even chillies like jalapenos.

Buffalo sauce pizza: This uses buffalo sauce instead of the traditional tomato sauce

Margherita pizza: This is the oldest form of pizza! There are three basic ingredients that go into the making of this dish, tomato sauce, basil leaves and cheese, the colours which form the tricolour flag of Italy. This is still preferred by the old fashioned folks in Italy.

Neaopolitan pizza: Another basic but still a long-established form of Italian pizza which includes two simple ingredients, namely tomato and cheese. Simple but delicious!

New York style pizza: One of the factors that sets it apart from other pizzas is that it has a very large and thin crust but the other ingredients remain pretty much the same.

Greek pizza: Some pizzas are cooked in the oven while others are fried on a pan. This pizza is cooked on a shallow pan that is drizzled with olive oil, making for a very glossy crust!

Sicilian pizza: This basically originated in Sicily, Italy and is cooked with sauce, pepperoni and loads of cheese.

Montanara style pizza: This has the same old signature ingredients but the cheese in this case is smoked, producing a unique flavour in the dish.

Macaroni and cheese pizza: Macaroni is used as a topping which is very different but still appealing to a certain demographic.

Meaty pizzas: A treat for the meat lovers. This could include a whole variety of meat like bacon, sausage and pepperoni.

Hawaiian Pizza: This is quite the controversial pizza as it includes a very strange ingredient, pineapple! Funnily enough, this is treated as a sacrilege in Italy who take their food very seriously. But Hawaiian Pizza has the won the hearts of many with a sweet tooth.

Supreme Pizza: As the name suggests, this pizza is supremely special as it includes pretty much everything! The sauce, veggies, Double crust, Double Pizza, cheese, meaty and sweet ingredients, pickles, the works!



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