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How to Choose Good Meat and Prepare it?

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Beef is evaluated depending on the age of the animal, the amount of fat or the degree of delicacy in the piece (the more tender, the more tender and juicy), as well as the color and texture. Halal Advisory Group will give you some tips on this.

First-class meat is the most expensive. Generally, the most tender and aromatic meats belong to this category. But aging also plays an important role here. Years ago, this process was on track, ie. of the whole corpse before being transported. Today, in most cases, the meat is cut in slaughterhouses and transported packaged to the market. This is how the meat matures in the package. Buy from neighborhood butchers, where they still cut and store the meat themselves. You’ll probably pay a little more, but it’s worth it. Ripe meat is more tender and flavorful.

Second in the ranking of beef is the so-called. selected meat that is later than first-class. Quality meat is best for stewing and cooking for a long time.

The more tender pieces of meat include various fillets such as bonfile, counterfeit, carriage, shell, fillet, minion filet, as well as baking meat such as ribs, rib steaks and fish. The tender meats are usually cooked through dry heat, such as baking, grilling and sauteing.

Less fragile pieces of meat that contain more muscle tissue and less fat are usually cooked by stewing or stewing for a long time.

TIP: Do not take literally the commercial evaluation of meat quality. The meat should be bright red in color, not tired or greyish. Too much juice in the package may indicate that the meat has already been thawed – do not buy it. Boneless, well-cut pieces are a little more expensive, but have more usable meat, so it can be assumed that the price eventually comes out the same.

Put the meat for 1 hour in the refrigerator compartment to cut it easier if you need thin pieces.

Before you cut the meat, wash it off very quickly so that some of its nutritional juices are not washed with water.

Meat is easy to cook if it is well beaten and 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar or brandy are put in the water to be boiled.

To make the meat you cook more tender, before baking, soak it for 1 hour in fresh milk.

A piece of meat with bone is cooked much faster than without, because bone has much more heat conduction than meat.

If you need to eat meat from an older animal to make it leaner, you need to pre-marinate it for about an hour in brandy.

The fried meat should not be covered with a lid because it loses its crunchy surface and softens.

Cooked skewers and skewers should be pre-oiled. This makes the local pieces easier to separate.

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