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Bottled Beer Vs. Draft Beer: What’s The Difference?

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No happy hour Towson MD is complete without a few glasses or bottles of beer. Beer is so popular all over the world that it is only second to water as the most consumed beverage. With the rise in popularity of draft beers over their bottled counterparts, this makes beer drinkers questions: are the two different? And if they are, how so?

If you’ve been putting off ordering a pint of draft beer from the local Towson restaurant because you’re not sure if it’s worth it, here are some facts that may help you decide:

The Similarities

Before starting to compare and contrast draft vs bottled beer, it is important to note the similarities the two share. Of course, the alcohol content of both is the same for each brand. The same brewing process and virtually the same basic ingredients are used to brew both draft beer and bottled beers.

Best of all, both types are easily available in breweries, restaurants, and bars all over the country.

The Differences

Why do draft beer drinkers have very strong opinions about their preference despite bottled beer using the same ingredients? Here are the main pros as well as some cons between the two choices:

Draft Beer

There is a current upward trend of draft beers being consumed by avid beer drinkers. One of the biggest differences between draft and bottled beer is how they are stored, drafts come in large kegs that protect them against sun exposure that can affect the taste and quality of the beer. This, by default, will usually guarantee that draft beer will have a more flavorful, aromatic, and fresh taste.

However, since kegs come in large quantities they are more prone to contamination via the tap line. A way to combat draft beer from skunking is for bars and restaurants to offer happy hour for their supply. Since happy hour Towson MD is very popular, a restaurant can easily sell the kegs before it passes its prime.

In fact, due to the number of draft beer orders during happy hour restaurants can try different brands to keep customers interested in their draft beer menu. Another bonus for draft drinkers is the chance to sample the new brands before committing to a 16-ounce pint or two for the night.

Bottled Beer

As the name suggests, bottle beer comes in a bottle. This can either be clear, which makes it vulnerable to skunking or amber which helps protect it from the sun. Bottle beer is also more sterile which results in better product control and quality, hence the same taste and flavor. However, the bottle caps used may not always work resulting in contamination.

Bottle beer is more widely available since they can be bought in convenience stores and groceries but only come in 12-ounce bottles which is barely a full cup. As for lifespan, both draft and bottled beer can last 4-6 months in room temperature or 6-8 months when refrigerated. As long as both are stored properly, there should be no problem with keeping them fresh.

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