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Advantages of Organic Chocolate VS Conventional Chocolate

by Paul Jefferies

Chocolate remains one of those special treats that we all love but most of the time take for granted. We just walk into a food store, grab one, and leave without ever giving a thought to where these tasty treats come from and how they’re made.

Well, chocolate is a combination of cacao, sugar, and a few other fantastic ingredients grown by hard working farmers. Nowadays, chocolate generally comes in two different forms – organic and conventional, depending on the way their components are produced and grown.

And if you’re wondering which the better one is, we’re here to tell you it is, without a doubt, the organic chocolate.

Advantages of Organic Chocolate VS Conventional Chocolate

  1. Environmental Advantages

The first reason why organic chocolate is much more preferable than the conventional kind becomes quite obvious when we compare the effects of their production on the environment.

Conventional chocolate has in its composition cacao and sugar grown through a process which involves the use of chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides and other fertilizers, all of which can be damaging to our general health.

While these chemicals do aid in crop production, they tend to kill off microorganisms that aren’t their targeted subjects, as well as running off into rivers and damaging aquatic life.

In the case of organic chocolate, however, these processes that are detrimental to the environment are absent. Instead, farmers use organic and biodynamic fertilizers and pest deterrents.

  1. Health Benefits

Yes, consuming organic chocolate is more beneficial to your health than conventional chocolate.

Conventional chocolate can present traces of herbicides and pesticides in them. In contrast, with organic chocolate, you can be sure that none of this will happen and you end up having a relatively healthier and much safer alternative.

Why consume a product full of chemicals when there is absolutely no need for you to do it? Enjoy the chocolate made from cacao and sugar cultivated with care by small organic farmers.

  1. Farmers Benefits – Fair Trade Farming

Organic chocolate also has the advantage of being a lot healthier for farmers who help cultivate it. Organic products grow without the help of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and farmers are able to carry out their activities without exposing themselves and their communities to these dangerous chemicals.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of Fair-Trade Certification.

For farmers to be fair trade certified, they must be committed to the use of environmentally friendly methods of farming, and this comes at a cost. By consuming organic chocolate, you’re not only helping the farmers who commit to Fair Trade farming make a livable wage, but also indirectly help the whole environment in the process.

  1. Superior Taste

It is widely believed that the organic form of chocolate has a superior taste to the conventional one, and it really isn’t hard to see why.

Thanks to the fact that chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers have been removed from the production of organic chocolate, you end up with a product that is superior in many ways, including the final taste.


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