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Chef Yamashita @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza


Chef Yamashita might sound to be a familiar name to many, especially so following the immense success of the growing patisserie chain, Flor Patisserie. Now with yet another venture under his belt, the small shop has already been drawing the likes of many dessert aficionados, with news that their pastries are often sold out a few hours before their stipulated closing time- all despite the really dismal location that I would have thought, would have been quite a challenge to its business. Well, I was obviously mistaken.


Chef Yamashita will definitely be very hard to find if it is your first time paying a visit to the small shop space. Within the patisserie itself, there is a mere take-away counter and a shelf filled with baked goods; just a couple of seats set up outside the shop. Just by looking at the creations put up for display, there is a very distinctive resemblance with regard to the wrapping and style of the pastries in comparison to Chef Yamashita’s previous venture.


Pudding a La Mode ($7.20)

The Pudding a La Mode was soul- satisfyingly good- the heavenly cup of goodness consists of a hand- made caramel pudding, custard cream and fresh cream, a sponge cake hidden beneath, and of course, not to forget the assortment of fresh fruits. Each spoonful brought a medley of sweet notes to the palate and bliss to the mouth. For me, this alone would be worth returning for.


Mt Fuji ($6.80)

Chestnut cream atop soft chocolate sponge and sliced chestnuts, it should be easy for the Mt Fuji to please dessert fans. There was a slight discernible bitter undertone in the cake; not too overwhelming but strong enough to make quite an impression. My opinion of it is that this is a very gratifying slice of cake that is perfect for an afternoon snack with a cup of tea.


Mille Feuille ($6.80)

One of their most popular- selling items, I was just as bowled over their Mille Feuille as well. A thin layer of Raspberry jam slathered atop the puff pastry while comprising delightful slices of fresh strawberries, what made me gasp in surprise was how delicious- tasting the premium cream sandwiched between the layers was. Yes, they got every element right for what could possibly one of the best Mille Feuille renditions in town.

The two ladies who were attending to me on that day, got me sold on their pleasant cheery and courteous attitude, a perfect fit to how the patisserie appears to its customers- all bright and lovely, and complementing how the sweet desserts would most certainly put a smile on our faces. The verdict? I have always been raving about how Flor Patisserie offers my favourite cakes in town but Chef Yamashita might well take over the top spot on my list.

Chef Yamashita
Block 1
Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-44
Singapore 082001

Contact Number: 6604 9709

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays, 10.00am till 6.30pm
Sundays and Public Holidays, 10.00am till 4.00pm


Jasper N.

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