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Gyoza Ya @ Robinsons Orchard


Set up just earlier this year, Gyoza Ya is well- hidden in the basement of Robinsons Orchard and represents the few of its own kind, in seeking to prove a point that a Gyoza speciality eatery can be a well- differentiated food category of its own in our local dining scene. Gyoza Ya prides itself on freshly made dumplings that are only prepared upon order, all of which are of consistent mass and size and also, most ingredients are imported from Japan to ensure that their offerings are of similar quality to those found in the country.


Gyoza Ya boasts an open- kitchen concept in which customers get to witness the culinary team in action; for instance, the signature Gyoza items are made from scratch. Consisting of oriental furnishings and posh- looking furniture, Gyoza Ya does present itself as an upscale contemporary Japanese casual dining eatery.


Chilled Cucumber with Miso Paste ($3.80)

The Chilled Cucumber with Miso Paste did more than just whet our appetite and was surprisingly addictive, the slices were utterly fresh and together with the Miso Paste, endowed with a hit of saltiness that made the appetiser very enjoyable indeed.


Japanese Beef Stew with Vegetables ($4.80)

Well- immersed in the rich flavours of the stock, the meat fared well in the taste department though it was just a tad on the tough side. One of the very few meat numbers in the menu, there was a discernible homeliness to the dish.


Pan- Fried Dumpling with Pork ($4.80)

A visit to a Gyoza specialty eatery will be incomplete without trying out its signature highlight; Gyoza Ya’s Pan- Fried Dumpling with Pork was possibly one of the very best in town- with a finely- proportioned skin to meat ratio and a nicely crisp bottom, the meat filling was remarkably juicy and delectable.


Pan- Fried Dumpling with Prawn ($5.80)

No complaints about the skin and doneness here too, my friend was actually more fond of the Pan- Fried Dumpling with Prawn than the one with Pork. It is well understandable, given the sizeable and succulent prawns hidden within, and how the filling was well- immersed in the stock.


Boiled Dumpling with Prawn ($5.80)

Comfort at its best, the Boiled version of these dumplings was just as well- executed than the Pan- fried ones (with the ingredients of equal quality as well) and should be more preferred by those who are not that into the greasy Pan- fried dumplings. Made a notch better with the sweet dressing drizzled all over the plate, this new item should really be a mainstay in the menu.


Thick Noodles with Minced Pork and Special Miso ($6.50)

Another noteworthy number to order from Gyoza Ya, the delicacy provided a gratifying combination of differing textures and flavours that was very memorable, when had all together. The Thick Noodles were smooth while the Minced Pork was packed with a savoury punch in which the taste lingered in the mouth for quite a while; while the grassy flavours from the vegetables were a brilliant addition as these helped to prevent what could have been a rather heavy and monotonous gastronomical experience for the palate.


Seafood Fried Rice ($5.80)

For those who are looking for more carbs or are simply just more hungry, may wish to consider Gyoza Ya’s Seafood Fried Rice. A rather hearty plate I would say, the rice was fragrant and somewhat oily, comprising generous servings of shrimps.


Deep- Fried Chicken ($3.80)

A rather uncommonly sized rendition of the deep- fried favourite- Tori Karaage, Meaty enough beneath the deep- fried exterior, I liked how these were executed- satisfyingly crisp and just a tad greasy, good to share for what could have been a rather heavy meal for most diners.


Pan- fried Dumpling with Red Bean ($4.80)

Despite how bloated I already was, I could still manage two of these gratifying pieces on my own. Packed with delightfully sweet Red bean paste, I must admit that I was really pleasantly surprised myself at how the Dumpling skin and the Red bean paste went along with one another brilliantly; and the doneness and the temperature these were served in, was undeniably perfect. Definitely an experiment done right and I would pay return visits to Gyoza Ya, just to buy these for myself, my family and friends.

To be perfectly honest, I was a little skeptical if Gyoza Ya could really pit itself against the popular Ramen eateries found all over the country. And I must say I was wrong and it did really surpass my expectations. While it might not be really visible to the shopping crowd in town, I would say given that it maintains the affordability and high quality of its dishes, Gyoza Ya is one to watch out for.

Many thanks to Wesley from Gyoza Ya for the kind invitation.

Gyoza Ya
260 Orchard Road
B1-02A Robinsons Orchard
Singapore 238855

Contact Number: 6737 5581

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am till 10.00pm


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