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WitBier Cafe @ Kandahar Street


WitBier Cafe has been around for a couple of years and is well- hidden within the many competing bars, cafes and shops in Kampong Glam. A hidden gem indeed, WItBier was featured on an HungryGoWhere article as one of the five places to pay a visit to for affordable craft beers- notably Belgian and German beers. Little do many know that it offers a considerable range of main dishes and bites as well. On a very important and exciting note, its Happy Hour promotion begins from 4.00pm onwards and ends at 9.00pm.


Many seats are available in WitBier, both indoors and outdoors. Not many knick- knacks and decorations placed around, it is a humble- looking and simplistic establishment all meant for a cosy get-together.


Beef Chilli Cheese with Nachos ($12.00)

Made from the kitchen’s very own secret recipe, the accompanying Beef Chilli Cheese dip was surprisingly delish and was perfect when had together with the Nachos chips. With a hint of spiciness, the bowl was thankfully filled with more of minced beef (than anything else) and it was all packed with savoury notes.


Porky Fries ($6.00)

Lightly lifted by the spicy scent of onions, WitBier Cafe’s rendition of the commonly found sharing appetiser was nicely crisp and did intensely taste of luncheon meat. Making for a good unhealthy snack, I could really have this all day.


Grilled Home Marinated Chicken Wings ($10.00)

We were served the Grilled Home Marinated Chicken Wings in two different styles- one grilled and the other fried. While both were finger- licking delicious, many of us preferred the former as its execution style was finely complemented with the marinated meat. Good on its own, both versions are served with homemade Chilli dip that I thought was actually pretty much unnecessary.


Otah Bruschetta ($10.00)

A show-stopping number from WitBier Cafe that remained as one of the most memorable highlights of the night, the Otah Bruschetta boasted a home-made feel to it. Soft to the bite while being remarkably flavorsome, the dish was rather soul- satisfying especially when had warm.


Mushroom Chicken Pizza ($17.00)

The Mushroom Chicken Pizza would be another ideal option to share while having a couple of drinks with one’s family or friends. While it might be a little more on the bready side, it should still be how some traditional pizza fans would fancy their bread- crusted slices to be. Moreover, the toppings were utterly delightful with the generous servings of Mushroom and Chicken bits, providing excitement for every bite off each slide.


Grilled Lamb Rack ($18.00)

The Grilled Lamb Rack drew many praises and compliments from the table. The two chunks of Lamb Rack boasted a fine proportion of lean meat and fats and more notably, scored in the taste department for leaving a memorable impression on our palates given how the meat was wonderfully enhanced by the rosemary marination. The Potato Rosti on the other hand, could have been done a little more thicker.


 Grilled Beef Steak ($16.00)

Served with fries, the Grilled Striploin Beef slices were rather chewy and could certainly have been cooked a little less longer. Nonetheless, this would fared better than many of those served elsewhere,


Westons Medium Sweet Cider- 500ml ($17.00)

A carbonated premium pale amber cider, those who like their drinks sweet should be easily pleased with their range of Westons Ciders. With an alcohol level of 8.2%, this was really refreshing and thirst- quenching and I would most certainly want to have this at any time of the day. It is priced at $14.00 during its Happy Hour promotion.


Kwak ($16.00)

Best known for its glass stand- coachman glass, the Kwak boasted an earthy aroma and liquorice- like maltiness, and each gulp was left by a warm finish reminiscent of caramelised bananas. The Kwak is priced at $13.00 during its Happy Hour promotion.


Timmermans Strawberry Lambic ($8.00)

The Timmermans Strawberry Lambic is most possibly one of the few alcoholic beverages from the selection that are more likely to be fancied by the fairer sex. The strawberry flavour leaves a light impressionable after- taste, yet not tasting too artificial- a perfect balance of gas, richness and lightness that blends with the alcohol very well indeed. A dollar is discounted off its original price during its Happy Hour promotion.


Warsteiner Premium Pilsner ($16.00 for 500ml)

Smooth rich pilsner with a full- bodied taste and refreshing hop finish, there is a subtle bitterness in it. The Warsteiner Premium Pilsner  is one of their more popular beers and is also available for a jug at $28.00. For the 500ml, it is priced at $12.00 during its Happy Hour promotion.

A hidden gem indeed, WitBier Cafe offers a delectable spread of dishes and bites for sharing, well- accompanied by their affordable range of good ciders, beer and other beverages. It might be a tad tough to find for first- timers but I am pretty sure that it is worthy of one’s trip (and the subsequent visits that are to follow, for sure). This would be an ideal venue for those who are looking for cheap drinks and are not looking for bars that are too cramped or fanciful.

WitBier Cafe
32 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198891

Contact Number: 6294 2377

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 4.00pm till 1.00am

Jasper N.

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