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Potato Head Folk @ Keong Saik Road


The stretch along Keong Saik Road has just got even more exciting- renowned Indonesian brand Potato Head (more famously known for its Potato Head Beach Club in Bali) has taken over the iconic shop-house that was previously occupied by Tong Ah Kopitiam for 74 years. Three Buns, one of its three highlights that has been extremely well- received despite having started its business just a few weeks ago, is more targeted at the mainstream market and is situated on the first and second floors of the building.



The waiting list was unexpectedly close to an hour long when we arrived at the establishment at around 6.30pm; we were looking for a table on their second floor, an air- conditioned and uniquely trendy- looking level as you can see above. We had to settle for outdoor seats beside the main kitchen that was just beside the road, a very much more casual setting in which we were still being served our burgers and sides.


Naughty Fries ($9.00)

Probably the best of its kind, the sort of fries here would really blow away all the competing renditions around in town. The savoury profile of Three Buns’ Naughty Fries boasted a heavenly mix of Potato cuts, Spiced bearnaise, hot Beef Chilli, crispy Shallots, Parmesan and Sesame seeds. It is like one gets to enjoy all the flavours and textures of his or her favourite accompanying ingredients all thrown together, soul- satisfying and worth every penny.


Burning Man Burger ($24.00)

There was a distinct peppery fragrance from the Burning Man Burger, which might come across as a little overpowering to some. Featuring a prime 150g Beef patty, smoked Cheese, roasted Jalapeno relish, hot Ketchup and Dashi mayo, I thought the spiciness overwhelmed the taste of the Beef Patty, which did fare well texture- wise.


Rambo Burger ($25.00)

If you were to ask me, I would say the Rambo Burger was worthy of the mess caused during the entire process of having it. The lamb patty was thankfully finely- executed and went along well with the feta, green chilli, aubergine pickle and cumin aioli, all that provided for a pleasurable, slightly exotic experience on the palate.


Baby Huey Burger ($20.00)

The Baby Huey Burger was the clear winning burger for the night. A rather simple combination between pillowy soft buns, the main highlight of the burger was the meaty juiciness from the prime 150g Beef patty, nicely complemented by the cheese, lettuce, pickles, spiced mayo and more notably, their exciting T.O.M Sauce- these provided for a delightful burst of savoury and sweet flavours in the mouth.


Rich Chocolate Pot Head ($6.00)

A velvety mix of dark and milk chocolate, the Rich Chocolate Pot Head is one that is not to be belittled. The petite- looking dessert boasted a fine balance that neither too rich, nor was it too light, it was just nice.


Zesty Lemon Pot Head ($6.00)

The Zesty Lemon Pot Head was our favourite of the (only) two desserts. After a rather heavy meal of burgers, this would be perfect to have given that it is somewhat palate- cleansing. A creamy citrus posset, this was really surprisingly satisfying and grew to become addictive even after the first few mouthfuls.

Potato Head Folk has clearly generated a lot of buzz within the local dining scene. Every other foodie I have met, has asked me if I have paid a visit to “Potato Head”. For those who are interested, Studio 1939 (fine- dining restaurant) occupies the next level and this is followed by The Rooftop, all set to open very soon, accommodates those who are looking for a cozy spot for fine cocktails and bites. My personal verdict of Three Buns? While I did not have the best experience of dining beside the kitchen- it was really warm and I would have hoped for a more comfortable setting to dine in, I would say that I was pleasantly surprised by most of the numbers which might be a little pricey, but was really good and worth it.

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143

Contact Number: 6327 1939

Operating Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundyas, 11.00am – 12.00 midnight

Jasper N.

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