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The New Forty Hands


To what I can recall, Forty Hands is one of the pioneer cafes that triggered off this whole cafe craze we are experiencing today- the number of cafes of recent has certainly ballooned as compared to the small few a few years ago. Despite the competition in the region of Tiong Bahru, Forty Hands has still been able retain its usual crowd and has not only come up with a new improved menu but also, many more seats for dining indoors.



Three years on from my last review on Forty Hands, it is easy to notice the changes that have occurred within the little cafe along Yong Siak Street- the graffiti wall at the back of the cafe, the many more seats and dining tables, more brunch items are available now, there is a wider variety of snacks, bites and cafe favourites and also, the dessert spread is even more exciting now. One thing remains the same though, it is still as crowded and a little cramped as ever.


Muscle Mary Salad with Chicken ($17.00)
If this does not satisfy the gym junkies, I am not sure what else will. The Muscle Mary Salad with Chicken is possibly one of the best and most complete post- workout dishes to have. Good to share as well, the salad is a convincing mix of Quinoa, Pumpkin, Broccoli, Figs, Pickled Beetroot, Mixed Greens, Fresh Mint, Sunflower Seeds and topped off with Greek Yoghurt and Honey- Lemon dressing. So if you have a couple of friends who are asking you to hang out at a cafe after your gym workout, you know where to suggest.


Julius Caesar Salad ($15.00)
A classic salad made even better with its generous servings of fresh ingredients, the plate consisted of mainly Grilled Romaine Lettuce that provided for a nice pleasant crunch, cut meaty strips of Bacon that were either crispy or chewy and the Honey Dijon Chicken slices that were tender and slightly moist. Other than the homemade Caesar dressing that helped to bind all the different elements together, allowthe yolk from the Poached Egg to drench the plate and toss it all together again- this should bring the experience derived from the salad to a whole new level, like how it always does it for me.


Jamaican Pork Sandwich ($13.50)
I have always been a fan of Forty Hands’ sandwiches since three years ago as their concoction has always made quite an impression on my tastebuds, how everything came together perfectly. My favourite back then, the Jamaican Pork Sandwich is still my favourite today. Sandwiched between Jerk- smoked Pork, Plum chutney, Homemade Tomato sauce, Mango and Cheese, the distinct medley of sweet, tart and savoury notes and the comforting combination of textures were utterly delightful. This, together the other few sandwiches I have tried, would make for a great pick-me-up.


 The Big Bang ($15.00)

One of the more recent items on the menu, The Big Bang comes with a choice of organic Beef or Pork Sausage, topped with Bolognese, crispy Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Sour Cream and Chilli Flakes. Most certainly one of the more show- stopping Hot Dog creations around the area, it should be easy for this to please the more indulgent diners who are looking for all of their savoury favourites put together.


Onde Onde Cupcake ($3.50)

Bound to be a hit with those with a sweet tooth, the Onde Onde Cupcake boasted a smooth and intensely flavoured Pandan topping, centred with a sweet Gula Melaka- drenched shredded coconut filling in its heart. Thankfully, the sponge cake fared just as well in the textural department. 


Lemon Curd Cheesecake ($7.50)

One of the better Cheesecake versions I have tried, the Lemon Curd Cheesecake featured a satisfying pleasurable blend between the cheese and the tangy lemon curd, providing for a sourish sweet taste that would grow on one. 


Cappuccino ($7.00)

Of course, a visit to Forty Hands will not be complete without their signature coffee blend creations. A full-bodied cup of Cappuccino to kickstart your day or one to enjoy on a slow or lazy afternoon, the perfect balance of acidity and milk should be able to give you the right dose of caffeine and of course, the pleasure you are seeking for when you enter those doors.

Four years later, Forty Hands does certainly seem to have retained its glorious spot its  as one of the best cafes around. Having garnered a loyal following yet drawing cafe- hopping fans to its small space, the new and improved menu and the increase in number of seats within the cafe are changes that potential customers will look forward to.

Many thanks to Ms. Annabelle and Ms. Janice from the Spa Esprit Group for the kind invitation.

Forty Hands
78 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 163078

Contact Number: 6225 8545

Operating Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays, 8.00am till 7.00pm

Jasper N.

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