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Jai Thai @ Purvis Street


Jai Thai remains one of my favourite Thai eateries that I would go to whenever I have a craving for cheap and good Thai fare. With a few branches situated around Singapore, I tend to frequent the outlet along Purvis Street due to its ideal location near to my school and how it is hidden from the buzzes of the city area. Nonetheless, it still does get rather busy and crowded during the peak hours since after all, it has been at the same spot for quite some time.


Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil ($7.00)

If there is just one item to choose from the menu, it has to be Jai Thai’s Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil. The gratifying combination of varying silky soft and chewy textures, together with its intriguing fusion of salty, sweet and spicy notes made this dish a clear winner. The fragrance of basil came through every bite. much to one’s delight.


Green Curry with Chicken ($9.00)

 A homely bowl of Green Curry with Chicken that got all the elements right- it was not too rich nor was it too light and thankfully enough, not too spicy for one’s liking.


Fried Kai Lan Salted Fish ($6.00)

 Simple yet satisfyingly delicious, the addition of crunchy salted fish provided for a salty kick and did wonders to the overall savoury profile of the dish. While it is a little on the oily side, I must say that I can really have this all day and not get sick of it.


Tom Yum Seafood- Clear Soup ($6.00)

 With rather generous servings of seafood for the very affordable price, Jai Thai’s Tom Yum Seafood is certainly yet another must- order. Providing for a delicious medley of spicy and tangy notes, one will most likely encounter much restraint from helping himself to the comforting bowl of hot soup.


Deep Fried Fish Fillet with Tamarind Sauce ($7.00)

The plate was a tad too heavy on the sauce, the sweet and sour flavours from the Tamarind Sauce had overwhelmed the fish fillet and it could have been better if the slices had retained a little crisp to them.


Omelette ($6.00)

The Omelette dish could have fared better if less oil was used but in overall, still made for a gratifying plate to share with one another.


Olive Rice ($5.00)

I do not really have Olive Rice most of the time but Jai Thai’s rendition caught my fancy. Aromatically fragrant with a distinct taste from the main highlight of the delicacy itself, the Olive Rice would make a fine accompaniment for all the other dishes and would go along with the curry dishes perfectly.


Phad Thai ($5.00)

With the noodles cooked to al- dente perfection, Jai Thai’s Phad Thai was a little too sweet and lacks a touch of ‘wok- hei’ flavour to it. While it is still decent, the rendition was not one of the best I have had.


Tapioca with Coconut Milk ($3.00)

Another favourite order from the Thai eatery, this is one of the two desserts to enjoy and share after an entire round of mains and appetisers. Drenched in coconut milk, these chunks of delightful bites would surely be able to put a smile on one’s face.


Mango with Glutinous Rice ($5.50)

Another dessert to mark the end of the meal and would definitely be able to tug on one’s heart strings; Jai Thai’s signature dessert (just like any other Thai eatery or restaurant) is not always available and should it be so, a must- order. Incredulously fresh and sweet mango slices with moist glutinous rice, this dessert is worthy every penny and calorie and would leave one craving for more.

If you order most of the items I have favourably introduced above, you should be able to walk out of the tiny and cramped eatery as a very gratified diner. Set meals are also available for offer in the eatery but I would recommend just ordering ala- carte style as I do find it more value- for- money. Very wallet- friendly Thai fare that is really worth it for the quality of dishes served, Jai Thai is one of the few places to pay a visit to should you be looking for cheap and good food in town.

Jai Thai
27 Purvis Street
#01-01 An Chuan Building
Singapore 188604

Contact Number: 6336 6908

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am till 3.00pm and 6.00pm till 10.00pm

Jasper N.

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