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Kome Japanese Dining @ The Keppel Club


Well-hidden in one of the more inaccessible corners of our island, Keppel Club’s Kome Japanese Dining is motivated to provide an authentic gastronomical experience when it comes to Japanese cuisine by offering the very best ingredients to its customers, importing many of its seafood items from overseas.


Upscale and intimate, complete with a perfect Zen ambience. This is what struck me upon entering Kome Japanese Dining. Since taking over the dining outlet some time back, the jovial and spirited Mr Bobby Kok set about a motion of transformation of Kome that has seen a birth of a new philosophy, one that would see quality Japanese cuisine minus the cut-throat price point.


Sashimi Moriawase ($50.00 for one person, $80.00 for two)

No Japanese restaurant can do without this quintessential menu item – Sashimi Moriawase. A motley crew of the usual suspects of Salmon, Maguro, Yellowtail, Yellowtail Belly, Bluefin Tuna and Scallop, all forming a harmonious gathering of maritime spoils on a platter. The Bluefin Tuna gave an exceptionally springy bite that initially seemed to be resisting your teeth before yielding and unleashing a breath of the ocean that satisfies the palate.


Kodai Shioyaki

Followed by a crisp fried Kodai Shioyaki which was delightfully fresh and light whilst showing some signs of being charred, it was probably grilled to help trap a stronger and delish aroma. Our appetite was beginning to build up for what else was in stored for us. One thing to note though, the fish used is seasonal so the ingredients and style used might change the next time.


Hamachi Kama Shiokyaki ($20.00)

The Yellow Tail Cheek was one of my hands down favourite for the night. Featuring a nicely grilled skin, the innards were piping hot while the fish meat gave the other dishes a run for their money with a pleasantly firm yet tender bite, especially at the neck area. Upon bite, one could feel the substantiality of the flesh as it provided a mildly firm yet tender texture. The savoury sweetness that underlies is not one to miss.


Salmon Belly Shioyaki ($18.00)

To make for a sinful meal, the Salmon Belly was presented in generous portions that would elicit a growl from one’s stomach.  Not overly done, the salmon was a pinkish colour while providing a very fresh flavour that would leave an intense craving for more. For those who desire variation, rinse over with drops of lemon juice and a dash of daikon – the result is a greater depth of taste.


Gindara Teriyaki ($18.00)

The Teriyaki Cod Fish is probably one of crowd favourites at Kome. Lusciously coated with a golden brown coloured teriyaki sauce that is oh-so fragrant, the heavily drenched fish wasn’t soggy at all, in fact it still boast a robust bite. At the same time, the Cod Fish played host to a satisfying amount of well-loved fish fats backed up by a very sweet and tasty accompaniment.


Foie Gras ($18.00 per piece)

Kome’s rendition was no stranger to a perfectly seared duck liver that was not only crisp charred on the outside but also superbly soft to the bite, a dish that is worth splurging on. It was decadently fatty with a very aromatic fragrance that blankets the entire palate, to sign it off; the juice that flowed was utterly and sexily yummy.


Beef Cubes

While many beef becomes dry and hard when well-done, Kome’s Beef Cubes remained moist and tender enough without being too mushy. The bite size was a good touch that ensured it as an easy go-along with any other dish or even sakes. Especially their Sparkling Shochu that comes in Yuzu and Blueberry flavours.


Shabu Shabu (available during buffet)

Chock full of ingredients, Kome’s Shabu Shabu was a very unique hotpot of surprise. The broth was smooth flowing and healthily light with a very mind-blowing and addictive taste to it, plus with the absence of MSG, the appetite can have as much as it fancies without the repercussions of a dried out throat.  With an extended cooking to allow the broth to seep into the ingredients, the blend of dimensions makes this one of Kome’s standout home speciality. The beef was of top- grade while the Alaskan Crab, only available as a separate ala- carte order boasted succulent crustacean meat that left many of us craving for more.


 Yuzu Sorbet

One of the favourite flavours around, the sorbet was utterly refreshing with its balance of citrusy sweet and sour notes and it fared just as well in the textural department. An intense taste akin to having the fruit itself, the Yuzu Sorbet was certainly a delightful dessert that marked the blissful end of an elaborate meal.

Featuring over a hundred items, many of the above- mentioned dishes are available in Kome Japanese Dining’s buffet, set at a price of $40.00++ for members of the Keppel Club and $42.00++ for non- members of the Keppel Club. Very reasonable prices and most importantly, Japanese delicacies of top- notch quality, these attributes do certainly make a trip to the rather inaccessible location more than worthy.

Many thanks to Mr. Bobby Kok and Ms. Goh Mei Fang for hosting the food- tasting session.


Kome Japanese Dining
The Keppel Club
10 Bukit Chermin Road
Singapore 109918

Contact Number: +65 6273 0118

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 12.00pm till 3.00pm and 6.30pm till 10.00pm


Jay T. and Jasper N.

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