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LaBrezza @ The St. Regis Hotel


Inspired from the term “breeze” in Italian, LaBrezza-  located on the second level of The St. Regis Hotel serves fine Italian cuisine in the midst of its quiet and peaceful surroundings. Following several pivotal changes in LaBrezza’s culinary team, the signature restaurant is offering a new refurbished menu for her diners. Other than an extensive selection of classic Italian creations that is available for ala- carte orders, the fine restaurant offers weekday daily business set lunches and their popular Prosecco brunch buffet during the weekend.


Situated right beside the pool, LaBrezza features an open- concept dining area at night, providing for an experience that is similar to that of al- fresco dining. In the day, glass panes conceal the area between the interior of the restaurant and the space beside the swimming pool/ water fountains, so as to safeguard its diners from the afternoon heat.


Pan- seared Hokkaido Scallop Wrapped in Pancetta with Truffled Angel Hair Pasta and Caviar Sauce ($32.00)

An elegant yet soul- satisfying appetizer, the Pancetta bacon (as wrapped around the pan- seared Hokkaido scallop) lent a slightly smoky after- taste to the main highlight of the dish which was delightfully fresh and succulent. When had all together with the other ingredients as featured on the plate, the differing contrasting textures and flavours hit the right spot.


Tuscany style Tomato Soup with King Crab and Basil Foam ($18.00)

Packed with an adequately tangy punch, the bowl of Tuscany style Tomato Soup with King Crab and Basil Foam did more than just provide a belly- warming sensation but spelled comfort with its medley of tangy sweet and sourish notes. Swimming in the velvety orangey red- hued soup, the shredded King Crab meat was nicely infused with the zingy flavours of tomatoes.


 Prosciutto Pizza ($38.00)

Serving decent if not, show- stopping bites to quell one’s craving for thin- crusted pizzas, the incredibly tasty and moreish Prosciutto Pizza comprised red caramelised onions, sun- dried tomatoes, stracciatella, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and the favourite parma- ham. An interesting noteworthy point was that the rendition was a tad on the sweeter side than most of the pizzas served elsewhere.


Barolo Wine and Pecorino Risotto Sous Vide Oxtail and Sweet Saba Reduction ($38.00)

Conquering both our hearts and stomachs, the decidedly Italian delicacy delivered a wonderful balance of tangy sweet, slightly sourish and salty notes. In addition, the rice grains fared just as well in the textural department and the shredded oxtail, as done sous vide- style- was gratifying tender. The Barolo Wine and Pecorino Risotto Sous Vide Oxtail and Sweet Saba Reduction was the clear winner of the night and is a must- order for all who pay a visit to LaBrezza.


 Tagliolini with Boston Lobster, Sun- Dried Tomato, Italian Basil, served with White Wine and Tomato Sauce ($48.00)

Tossed in a delectable sauce and laced with a zing of basil, the strands of Tagliolini were cooked to the degree of al dente and were quite well coated with flavour. It was not a particularly heavy dish such that it did not get monotonous after a few mouthfuls. On another note, what really did impress was the Boston Lobster, juicy and delicious meat that provided for a nice firm bite.


 Slow- cooked Australian Lamb Rack, crusted with Kalamata Olives, Vegetable Caponata, Potatoes poached in Milk and Smoked Pork, Chianti- mustard and Vincotto Sauce ($48.00)

Perfumed with smoke and spices, the slow cooked Lamb Rack was satisfyingly fragrant and scrumptious. It was unquestionably tender but a little less time could have been spent cooking as I would have personally hoped for it to be a tad more rare. Then again, preferences differ from individual to individual on how well done they like their meat to be cooked. The accompanying sides were rather decent to be enjoyed too.


 Tiramisu with Mascarpone, Valrhona Cocoa and Expresso ($12.00)

The Italian classic was not bad for me. Heaving with lush cream (a little less would be good), the ingredients were fortunately well- concocted to bring out the familiar flavours one would take pleasure in. A very generous portion served with aplenty nicely soaked sponge fingers, a comforting after- work dessert choice I would think.

An enjoyable and relaxing ambience, a great service team who is professional and knows the new menu well enough and of course, a comforting array of Italian classics- LeBrezza is a restaurant that is worth considering for those looking for a dining venue when it comes to a romantic dinner or business luncheon.

Many thanks to Ms Audrey Chan and Ms Jesmine Hall from The St. Regis Hotel for hosting this food- tasting session.

Level 2, The St. Regis Hotel
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911

Contact Number: 6506 6884

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 12.00pm till 10.00pm


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