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Ocean Restaurant @ Resorts World Sentosa


A prominent figure in the culinary world, Cat Cora ventures into Singapore waters at Resorts World Sentosa – Ocean Restaurant. Holding the prestigious honour of being the first and only female Iron Chef (America), the very fact that Cat Cora is setting up a new restaurant in Singapore- has certainly generated much hype among foodies and locals who have been regular fans of the household popular gourmet series. That is not all, only at Ocean Restaurant do guests get to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience of dining right beside a full-sized aquarium.


Ocean Restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa, is motivated to use only sustainably sourced seafood which echoes the Marine Life Park’s mission of dedicating to the preservation of vibrant marine, coastal and freshwater ecosystems. The restaurant abides by Chef Cat Cora’s farm- to table philosophy on ingredients and it showcases many of her signature dishes which exhibit Mediterranean- Californian influences with an Asian flair.


It is particularly important to mention one of the permanent highlights of Ocean Restaurant. A remarkable view like no other within our local shores, the restaurant features a breathtaking waterscape of crystal blue waters with swimming fishes and many other exotic sea creatures. The restaurant does not appear to be able to house many, but it makes the ambience even more so cosy and romantic. Dining beside an aquarium might just seem to be the perfect idea for a romantic lunch or dinner.


 Sous Vide 48 Degrees Celsius Ocean Trout, with Sustainable Caviar and Prosecco Pear Crushed Almond, Vine Tomato Jelly and Garden Cress ($26.00)

A Cat Cora signature dish, the Sous Vide technique did wonders to the main highlight of our opening number. A delectable choice for a amuse bouche that expressed culinary daintiness, it hosted an interesting mix of flavours and textures. The perfectly smoked fish coupled with all the other exquisite ingredients, endowed the dish with a touch of elegance that was particularly distinct. I must say that it was truly an appetizer that gave a good spur for one’s appetite.


Vongole of Manila Clams with Spicy Chorizo Sausage, Garlic Broth and Toasted Sesame Croutons ($20.00)

An intriguingly salty- sweet- sour combination, the comforting bowl of soup was light and refined- with a hit of richness as lent by the Manila clams and Spicy Sausage. We were told to have it warm (if not hot), and I must say that the belly- warming sensation it provided was very much appreciated. Opinions differed on this number but personally, I thought it was strangely addictive, given its rather distinct sour notes that caught me by surprise when I took my first sip.


 Sakura Shrimp Risotto, Served with Morel Mushroom- Ikura, Cress and Black Truffle Butter and Seared Hokkaido Scallop ($28.00)

The moment I laid my tastebuds on the show- stopping Sakura Shrimp Risotto, I was sold. The delightfully aromatic flavours of the black Truffles came out stunning with every spoonful while the gastronomical pleasure the dish provides, was elevated by the generous servings of crisp Sakura Shrimps that provided a much appreciated contrasting textural layer contrasting that was rather mind- blowing. In its state of creamy goodness, I found the joyful confluence of flavours to be soul- satisfying. Both of us concurred that this was probably our most memorable number from Ocean Restaurant for the night.


 Grilled Basque Wagyu Striploin, with Leak Bread Pudding and Roasted Sesame- Coriander Vegetables ($120.00)

Beautifully prepared with artisan delicateness, the deeply flavourful Grilled Basque Wagyu Striploin was a memorable entrée that provided a tremendous impression on the palate. There was a unique aromatic herbal taste that lingered, and it was well- balanced out by the meaty sweetness of the beef. With each bite that sank into the pink and juicy meat, I took much pleasure in the bursts of flavour in my mouth and of course, not forgetting the incredulously tender meat that met the teeth.


 King Salmon with Mandarin- Habanero Glaze, Meyer Lemon Cous Cous and Hot House Cilantro ($46.00)

I had personally found the plate to be quite an enjoyment to tuck into. Demonstrating great temperature control, the execution of the main highlight of the dish would certainly please most people. A drool- worthy slab of fish that was impressively moist and tender, the subtle natural sweetness of the King Salmon was considerably discernible and together with the accompanying tangy glaze beneath, it was very much lip- smackingly delectable.


 ‘After Eight’ Mint Variation with Chocolate ($16.00)

The cheeky sounding dessert did live up to its name after all, the satisfying plate with its varying accompaniments completed our indulgence for the night. Probably perfect to be had after Eight, the toothsome delight would certainly be the kind of dessert one would like to have after dinner and yes, to start off one’s weekend. I felt the plate of sweet, sour and bitter dessert variants were a clever combination that was particularly addictive. What sealed the deal was the layer of sour filling nestled within the chocolate that spelled gratification. A worthy and sinful treat that does not only look elegant, but appeals to the palate as well.

As part of the opening of her first overseas restaurant in Asia, Cat Cora will be in Singapore from now till 7 February 2013. However, the above set dinner menu will be available at a promotional rate of $158.00++ from 2 February till 28 February 2013.

Certainly one of those meals that one would most probably fondly remember down the road, the dining experience that comprised enjoying a full view of marine life in a gigantic aquarium, was for the both of us- a tick beside one of the items of our to-do- list. Then again, it is more than just the remarkable ambience that we took utmost pleasure in, the exquisite authentic dishes offered by Cat Cora- showcasing the sustainable seafood ingredients, were largely memorable as well. Highly recommended to one and all, Ocean Restaurant is indisputably one of the best places out of town to bring your family, friends and even more so, your spouse or date for an unforgettable lunch or dinner.

We would like to thank Mr. Matthew and Mr. Vaswani from Weber Shandwick for inviting us. Also, we will like to express our gratitude to Ms. Sin Yee and Zhi Juan from Resorts World Sentosa for their kind hospitality.


Ocean Restaurant
S.E.A Aquarium
Marine Life Park
22 Sentosa Gateway, Resorts World Sentosa
Singapore 098269

Contact Number: 6577 6869

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 11.00am till 10.30pm


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