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Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant @ Gardens By The Bay


The latest venture by Chef Yong Bing Ngen, a familiar name who also has Majestic Restaurant and Jing @ One Fullerton under his helm, Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant houses an impressive range of (live) seafood, several that are rather uncommonly found here in Singapore and most, if not all, that are imported from overseas- all under one roof. Firing up signature delicacies that mainly revolve around Seafood, the restaurant serves an extensive menu that comprise of Dim Sum items (only during the day) and many other Chinese- influenced traditional dishes.

The restaurant has a private function room that can hold up to fourteen diners while the main dining area can accomodate around a hundred odd customers. Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant is motivated to provide a memorable communal dining experience, as represented from its choice of circular dining tables and its extensive menu that mainly serves dishes to share. It is a rather picturesque sight admiring the greenery outside the establishment and one will get to bask in the sunlight streaming through the windows should one opt to be situated closer to the glass panes. It is just as alluring at night.

Seared Bun with Chilli Crab Meat ($4.50 for 3 pieces)

The Seared Bun with Chilli Crab Meat impressed with its textural dimension. Crispy on the outside yet pillowy within the insides, the golden- hued pastry spelled comfort. Personally, I thought that it was rather mild as compared to the original version of the Chilli Crab and it would most probably appeal to the palates of the curious tourists out there. I wished that the sweet- spicy filling could have been a tad more substantial though.

Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling ($4.20 for 3 servings)

I was bowled over by Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant’s version of the Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling and I thought it might just blow away the competition of its own kind within our local Dim Sum scene. When bitten upon, not only did I experience a burst of flavour that was soul- satisfying but I was caught off- guard when some of its inner juices had actually spurt onto my top. The dumpling skin was finely prepared while there was a generous lump of meat encased within, together with its accompanying delicious robust broth.

Steamed Siew Mai Dumpling ($4.50 for 4 servings)

Another traditional Dim Sum item that is only served during the day at the restaurant, the Steamed Siew Mai Dumpling was adequately stuffed within the yellow skin while there was a subtle sweetness to it. The kind of food that quietly delights, the dumpling was both chewy and tasty upon the few bites.

Soup of the Day ($18.00 for 2- 4 persons)

For our dinner, we were served the Pork Ribs with Green and Red Carrots Soup. It was initially served in a huge pot and we were told that the soup has been boiled for hours earlier in the day and hence, the cloudy yellowish colour. A rather humble bowl of stock that served beyond its purpose of warming the belly on a cold and rainy day, it sung and conveyed the perfect balance for me- it was neither too rich nor light, it was just right. A larger serving is available at a price of $27.00 for 5- 8 persons.

 Steamed Live Prawns with Minced Garlic (Subjective to Market Price)

The dish served a rather serious garlic kick. When it was first served onto our table, we were attracted to the considerable pungent aroma that was utterly mouth- watering. With just a hint of heat, the delectably sweet (and sliced) prawns absorbed the dominating garlic flavour remarkably well and it was apparent in every bite off the prawns.

Live Crab in Bay’s Signature “Kopi” Sauce (Subjective to Market Price)

A meticulously prepared dish that would surely tug on one’s heart strings, the Live Crab in Bay’s Signature “Kopi” Sauce was deservedly the restaurant’s house signature. The Sir Lankan Mus Crab was prepared with Arabica, Brazilian and White Coffee beans and later caramelised with Apple Jam and Butter, then infused with Rice Wine Spirit; the ‘one-of-a-kind- creation was an absolute genius experiment that won us over. A must- try for not only coffee fiends but every one else who pays a visit to Gardens By The Bay, the coffee flavours lingers on the palate as the fragrance of the coffee essence permeates through every bite onto the crustacean flesh. This was one of the most favourable and memorable delicacies for the meal we had.

Live Crab in Bay’s Signature “Chilli” Sauce (Subjective to Market Price)

We could not wait to get our tastebuds on their Live Crab in Bay’s Signature “Chilli” Sauce and upon trying, I concluded that it was indisputably one of the best versions I have ever tried. The hearty spiciness of the sauce lent its deep savour to the crustacean meat and it was really a finger- licking good gastronomical experience. Certainly a top- notch creation, this is definitely yet another number worthy of a try, especially for crustacean lovers. The best part for me was the mouthful of crab roe that was especially delish.

Baked Rice with Assorted Seafood in Chef’s Recipe Sauce ($68.00 for a Small Portion)

Inspired by one of Macau’s favourite familiar delicacies, Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant’s rendition was slightly tweaked to suit our local palates- there was more curry incorporated but less cheese used in the dish itself. A much more extravagant version that was elevated by the addition of expensive fresh seafood ingredients such as baby abalones, scallops, prawns, mussels and more; the massive portion of the Baked Rice was exemplary of the restaurant’s motivation to provide a communal dining experience. What was interesting was that instead of using steamed white rice commonly found in many restaurants in the preparation of the dish, the rice was first fried and the ‘wok- hei’ flavour was actually still rather distinct. The Baked Rice with Assorted Seafood in Chef’s Recipe Sauce was certainly a hearty plate that was incredibly tasty and moreish and it had certainly conquered our stomachs and hearts.


 Sweet Temptations ($20.00 for 4 of each pastry)

The dessert platter of the Sweet Temptations gave us the perfect excuse for a tipple to complete our gourmet. The Mochi Stuffed with Chopped Mango and Strawberries in Fresh Cream was a light and fresh confection that was chocked with sweet premium cream. A simple yet elegant creation, this might possibly hit the right spot for the fairer sex. The Glutinous Rice Dumplings with Yam Paste Stuffing, Shredded Coconut was my favourite of the four pastries available- it was a remarkable pairing between the Pulau Hitam and the Yam Paste (two of my favourite dessert choices). Wonderfully coconutty as well, I was sold when I sank my teeth into the rich textures and decadent flavours of the rice dumpling. The Steamed Custard Bun with Salted Egg Yolk impressed us as well, since the buns oozed with a molten centre of salty- sweet filling that would definitely brighten up one’s day. The Chinese Pancake with Red Bean Paste fared well too, the Red Bean Paste was packed with a punch as the delicious concoction served decent, if not, show- stopping bites to quell one’s nostalgic cravings.

The service team were really hospitable and they provided a friendly and warm service to the few of us at the table. Service was professional and they were all considerate when they served the dishes or cleared our plates. One thing I was rather pleased about, was that the dishes arrived at a comfortable pace for us to take our time to enjoy the respective plates served.

My vote goes to Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant should one be looking for a family or corporate lunch/ dinner. For the excellent quality of the food, the homely service and the relaxing and cosy ambience provided by the setting, the dining experience at the restaurant is worthy of every penny. Majestic Seafood Bay Restaurant is the only place where one can find the one-of-a-kind “Kopi” crabs and they are indisputably a must- have. Moreover, most (if not, all) were hits when I paid a visit to the eatery. This might just be the place to go to should one have any visiting foreign friends who are looking at having seafood within our local food scene.

Many thanks to Mr Sherman Peh and Ms Janice Yong from Food News for the kind invitation to the restaurant!


Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Gardens By The Bay
Flower Dome, #01-10
Singapore 018953

Contact Number: 6604 6604

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 12.00pm till 2.30pm and 6.00pm till 9.30pm


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