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Luk Yu Tea House @ Stanley Street


One of the oldest and most reputable tea houses/ Dim Sum restaurants in Hong Kong, Luk Yu Tea House has been established since 1933. Retaining much of its tradition in her offering of delicacies and a colonial- style setting, many of the locals have grown attached to the popular tea house. Luk Yu Tea House has been well- patronised by many foreign tourists as well, many who look forward to indulging in a nostalgic experience of morning breakfast, tea or traditional Dim Sum, even dinner as well.

Steamed Spare Ribs (HK$38.00)

Moist and juicy, the meat was tender enough to fall off the bone yet still offering some bite. However, we concurred that we would have preferred a better proportion of fats and lean meat.

Steamed Radish Cake (HK$35.00)

The Streamed Radish Cake was surprisingly tasty, as elevated by the addition of sweet sauce atop. Best eaten warm, the dish spelled comfort with not only its strong flavours, but its smooth texture and savoury preserved sausages as well. This version is one that is definitely not to be missed in Hong Kong.

 Gluttonous Rice with Preserved Sausages and Shrimps (HK$35.00)

The Gluttonous Rice was a little dry and maybe because of our own familiarity with the dish, it could have been ‘moistened’ with more grease or oil. We did certainly take pleasure in the generous servings of Preserved Sausages and Shrimps but the flavour of the supposed main highlight of the dish itself was a tad too muted to leave much of an impression.

Preserved Fish Meat and Shrimp Siew Mai (HK$35.00)

A classic that many of us would fine easy to please, Luk Yu Tea House’s Siew Mai tasted decent but I had found it to be rather unforgettable in overall.

Traditional Shrimp- Stuffed Dumplings (HK$35.00)

The Traditional Shrimp – Stuffed Dumplings boasted all the right elements one could possibly ask for- fresh and succulent prawns of the right sizeable size, wrapped within soft thin flour skin. The prawns retained their crunchiness and one could still taste their natural sweetness.

Steamed BBQ Pork Pau (HK$35.00)

The Steamed BBQ Pork Pau was lip- smackingly delicious, largely due to the remarkably savoury BBQ Pork filling within. Packed with a mean punch, the delectably sweet notes of the honeyed sauce worked their magic on the taste buds. Tender and juicy chunks of minced meat hidden within the soft and fluffy bun, Luk Yu Tea House’s Steamed BBQ Pork Paus are worthy of one’s order.

Chicken Big Pau (HK$35.00)

The Chicken Big Pau was recommended to us but we found it to be middling. It was appropriately large but we would have liked it if the savoury filling was more and the fluffy bun, less.

Lotus Paste Bun (HK$35.00)

Fairly pleasant taste- wise, the Lotus Paste Pau did pass the test rather well. Definitely better than the renditions we have had in Singapore, I would consider the filling in this version to be more luscious and not too sweet.

Flaky BBQ Pork Biscuit (HK$42.00)

The clear winner of our meal, we found it incredibly hard to restrain ourselves with this seemingly simple dish that might probably blow one’s mind. A perfect match between the delightfully crumbly biscuit and the gratifyingly zingy BBQ sauce the minced pork was marinated in, it was so well- executed that we had to order a few more servings of the delicacy.

Egg Tarts (HK$35.00)

A nice and simple way to end our meal, the savoury buttery curd encased within the flaky pastry was intensely flavoured (they were served warm) and clearly enjoyable. Then again, I have had better Egg Tarts elsewhere and a few might actually find these mini pastries to be actually a tad heavy on the palate.

Some of my friends have found our Dim Sum brunch at Luk Yu Tea House to be rather expensive and yes, it was clearly one of of the pricier meals we have had in Hong Kong. A few hits and misses, most of the Dim Sum items we tried (some which were not mentioned here) were not exactly spectacular and worthy of their respective price tag. Then again, many of the locals would still recommend Luk Yu Tea House for a unique traditional dining experience that is no longer easy to find.

Do note that their Dim Sum items offered would be based on the menu for the day and are subjective to availability- they arrive in traditional push carts. In addition, a different menu offering main Chinese dishes, is offered for dinner.


Luk Yu Tea House
24 Stanley Street
Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Contact Number:+852 2523 5464

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 7.00am till 10.00pm


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