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Kee Tsui Cake Shop @ Fa Yuen Street


Nestled in the heart of Mong Kok, Kee Tsui Cake Shop is undeniably my favourite pastry shop in Hong Kong. Specializing in Chinese Traditional snacks and pastries, the freshly baked goods have won the hearts of many locals and foreign tourists like myself. It has been a ritual for me to make a trip down to the confectionery right before my flight back to Singapore and it is certainly my pleasure to share this humble- looking bakery with everyone.

Just a small stall set up along the bustling Fa Yuen Street, Kee Tsui Cake Shop is not only frequented by Hong Kongers but also, many of the foreign tourists who have stumbled upon this hidden gem while wandering around the street. Having visited the stall on various occasions, there seems to be a crowd at the front of the confectionery most of the time.

 Chinese Almond Biscuit (HK$40.00)

Crunchy and packed with nutty goodness, their Chinese Almond Biscuits are certainly one of the best renditions around and they do certainly have the edge over those factory- packed goods offered in the city area (or elsewhere). However, some might actually find them a bit too hard in which a jaw workout would be required.

Glutinous Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste (5 for HK$14.00)

One of their best sellers, Kee Tsui Cake Shop’s Glutinous Rice Cake with Red Bean Paste sold like hot cakes whenever I was there. Encasing a comforting slab of smooth red bean paste within, the exterior layer was of the right thickness and was deliciously chewy. Both accompanied one another perfectly and the studded sesame seeds added just a tad of crunchiness for one’s gastronomical pleasure.

Chinese Traditional Banana Cake (5 for HK$10.00)

I had only stumbled upon this delightful pastry during my most recent trip and after just sharing two with a couple of my friends, I have conclude that this is an absolute must- buy and I decided to purchase an entire box back. Delectably sweet with an intense banana flavour, this nostalgic treat had even managed to tug on the heart strings of the older folks and they were left craving for more. Do note while I was there, this was only available as of noon-time (subjective to changes).

One should not expect the best of service here, the owners tend to get a little agitated when queried and they can get rather impatient. I tend to be a little intimidated whenever I pay a visit to their store along Fa Yuen Street but I must say that I am always satisfied with my buys, especially so when I share these goodies with my family and friends and I hear them enthuse about how wonderful these Chinese goodies are. Do remember to get their Chicken Cookies (Gai Zai Bing) as well, I have heard from the folks that it is hard to find such a version in Singapore, one that is gratifyingly chewy and not too greasy yet packed with savour. Truth be told, Kee Tsui Cake Shop is always one of the few places I will definitely visit before I return home- despite the rather unfriendly service I am actually willing to put up with.


Kee Tsui Cake Shop
135 Fa Yuen Street
Mongkok, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Contact Number:+852 2394 1727

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 7.30am till 7.00pm


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