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Fuk Kee Congee @ Fa Yuen Street


I had planned to make a trip down to one of Kowloon’s well-known congee eateries during our short stay in Hong Kong, considering that my Dad has always been a fan of the staple dish. Situated within Mong Kok, Fuk Kee Congee is located along one of the busiest streets in Kowloon. When we arrived early at the eatery, the area was already packed with locals, all enjoying their bowls of congee that were served piping hot.

 Congee with Roasted Goose and Mixed Pig Intestines (HK$32.00)

With just a sip from the hearty bowl of soft- textured thin porridge, one would be able to feel its warmth creeping through one’s body. A signature dish from Fuk Kee, the Roasted Goose was not too greasy while its crisp skin gave a sharp contrast to the light flavored congee. Generous servings of Pig intestines were also provided; the Pig Liver and tripe were sweet and chewy without any underlying foul piquancy that most would fear.

 Congee with Simmered Chicken (HK$28.00)

Lending some of its savor to the congee, the tender chunks of Chicken remained juicy and retained most of its flavor while causing the smooth thin porridge to taste lip- smackingly yummy. More than just rejunevating, the Congee with Simmered Chicken was our favorite from Fuk Kee and it is one that is highly recommendable.

 Congee with Roasted Goose and Fish Slices (HK$32.00)

Enough said about the Roasted Goose since they tasted just as delectable in this congee, the fish slices received a nod across the table since not only were they fresh but they were simmered till the right doneness as well.

Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Shrimps (HK$12.00)

Though the shrimps were succulent and sizeable in portions, the Steamed Vermicelli Roll was a tad too thick for our own liking so I thought that the constituents did not exactly go well with one another.

Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Char Siew (HK$14.00)

The Steamed Vermicelli Roll with Char Siew did not fare any better, the tiny morsels of Char Siew were underwhelming as they were somewhat dry. In overall, the dish tasted bland unless heavily accompanied with the black sweetened sauce underneath.

Fuk Kee offers a large variety of other Chinese numbers as well and these include Char Siew Rice, Fish Soup and many other Zi Char dishes. For the sufficient amount of energy to kickstart your day as a tourist in Hong Kong, Fuk Kee Congee has a few of the better congee dishes around that are certainly worth a try. For a classic match, do pair up at least one of the eatery’s signature Roasted Goose congee dishes with their Deep-fried fritters.

Fuk Kee Congee
104-106 Fa Yuen Street
Mongkok, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Contact Number:+852 2385 1230

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 7.30am till 11.30pm

Jasper N.

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