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Standing Sushi Bar @ Queen Street


It has been a while since I have had Japanese food. Since my friend, K and I were around the city area, I suggested that we pay a visit to Standing Sushi Bar, located right opposite Food For Thought since I was pretty much against the idea of making a trip down to Sushi Tei at Raffles City due to her well-known dinner crowd. As compared to her competitor, the Standing Sushi Bar was a tad too empty.

With aplenty of simple-looking dining tables and chairs readily available, the restaurant is nothing like it sounds. Decked out in a match of orange and black colors, the Standing Sushi Bar appears to be more of a contemporary dining venue, with Japanese accents from its display of Sake bottles, a Sushi Bar and a Teppanyaki corner, featuring a chef at work.

 Shake Sashimi ($12.00)

The Salmon Sashimi could have definitely fared better in the freshness department, the slices tasted alright but just not sensational enough to quell my cravings then. No doubt there was a slight hint of sweetness, but I would have expected the Sashimi to be more gratifying in the form of a smooth texture.

 Rainbow Maki ($16.00)

Standing Sushi Bar’s Rainbow Maki was surprisingly satisfying, considering how the Shake Sashimi had disappointed me. The fine grains of sticky rice went well with the filling, comprising of avocado, crabmeat, mayonnaise and a petite portion of pork/ chicken cutlet and I must say that most of the Sashimi that settled atop, were rather fresh and delectable. We noticed that this recommended item on the menu, appeared to be a hit with a few other dining groups as well. 

 Nattou Ae ($5.00)

A unique concoction of a quail egg and fermented beans with a gooey texture, the appetizer was certainly a little too alarming for my tastebuds. A must try for adventurous eaters, both of us thought that the dish is probably more of an acquired taste and we concurred that it tasted somewhat foul to us. We left it mostly untouched although I had a good time mixing the yolk and beans together in the very beginning. 

Saba Shioyaki ($11.00)

As we were tucking into our sushi and sashimi, we were overwhelmed by the mouth-watering aroma of our late order as the Japanese chef grilled the Mackerel just a few seats away from our table. Grilled till perfection, the slightly charred crispy layer was a delightful contrast to the smooth flesh beneath. I must say that the chef controlled the heat really well and that he added just the right amount of salt to the fresh catch.

Yaki Udon ($15.00)

The Yaki Udon was utterly yummy and it was without doubt, one of our favorite dishes of the night. Chock full of ingredients such as chunks of chicken, mushrooms and vegetables, the noodles were cooked till al dente and they took in the aroma of freshly beaten eggs, delivering an even more savory punch. A highly recommendable dish should you pay a visit to Standing Sushi Bar.

It was a fuss-free meal between the both of us and though there were definitely several hits and misses, I thought that several dishes, such as the Saba Shioyaki and Yaki Udon were really memorable while the Rainbow Maki was quite decent. Furthermore, I must admit that I enjoyed the fact that the restaurant is not that well populated. If you are searching for non-fanciful Japanese fare in town, the Standing Sushi Bar might be worthy of your consideration.

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen Street
Singapore 188535

Contact Number: 6333 1335

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 12.00pm till 2.30pm and 6.00pm till 11.00pm

Jasper N.

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