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Group Therapy @ Duxton Hill


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Nestled in Duxton Hill, Group Therapy is one of my new favourite haunts to chill-out over a cup of coffee or start a Sunday morning with a hearty brunch. Like the pun from which its name is derived, Group Therapy has been a “closely-guarded” secret amongst the in the know for the past few months. Stumbling upon Group Therapy one evening in September, we decided to settle there for a light dinner.

Accessing Group Therapy by a narrow flight of stairs next to the Italian restaurant Etna, we were greeted by a loft with several different seating areas which are perfect for accommodating groups. Lazy as we were from all the walking we had been doing earlier that day, we became couch potatoes for the night and promptly propped ourselves on the inviting sofas.

Chicken, Ham & Egg Pie ($11)

Going with a light Chicken, Ham & Egg pie to allow my stomach room for dessert, I was pleasantly surprised at how good their chicken pie was. Unlike the traditionally creamy and overwhelmingly rich chicken pies you’d find elsewhere, their pie had a delectably light creamy yet not exceedingly rich potato filling with just the right amount of airiness and hints of sweetness. All this goodness encased in a flaky baked golden-brown crust.

Beef Stew ($15)

Homemade beef stew with juicy chunks of tender beef together with abundant chunks of colourful and deliciously soft potato and carrot. Served with toasty baguette to go with the stew, this dish of comfort food was a great way to start the evening.

4 Layer Carrot Cake ($8.5)

Highly recommended, we were looking forward to trying Group Therapy’s take on the classic desserts of carrot cakes and apple crumbles. Lusciously rich and smooth cream cheese frosting garnishing layers of moist, crunchy and spiced cake, the carrot cake was an absolute hit amongst us. A pretty large portion meant for sharing between 2, we had trouble finishing the cake between our dinners and the apple crumble.

Granny Smith Apple Crumble ($10)

Accustomed to warm apple crumbles, I was pretty surprised when the Granny Smith Apple Crumble was served chilled. Co-owner Deborah explained to us the careful thought that had gone into the dish from the choice of Granny Smith Apple which has a greater crunch compared to other varieties of apples to the decision to serve it chilled such that the crumble retains its crunch and the apple slices remain juicy and sweet. I particularly enjoyed this refreshing dessert with its buttery and crunchy crumble crust. Unlike some other places where the crumble becomes mushy after warming up, this cold apple crumble holds up well and retains the natural sweetness of the apples.

Liking Group Therapy’s vibe and wanting to try their coffee, we found ourselves returning a mere two days later for an early Sunday brunch where they serve a special menu. Another notable aspect I enjoyed was that their menu is updated every couple of days with the emphasis placed on the quality of the produce available at that period.

Decidedly wanting of a light breakfast as I had a luncheon later that morning, I opted for the classic scones and bagel with a latte.

Scones with Lemon Curd ($5)

Served piping hot, fresh from the oven, the scones were buttery and crumbly like good scones should be. Together with the tangy and sour lemon curd, the scones were scrumptiously yummy. Every bite yielded a rich sweet butter taste with a hint sharp acidic tang that tantalized the taste buds.

Latte ($4.5)

Cappuccino ($4.5)

Made from a special blend of beans sourced directly from the supplier, the Latte and Cappuccino were very decent cups of coffee that were not too acidic and accentuated the complex flavours of the coffee roast.

Bagel with Cream Cheese ($4)

After having had authentic New York-style bagels, the bagel came at a bit of a disappointment. A tad bit too hard and cold for my liking, it would have been better if the cream cheese was softer and smoother and the bagel a bit more fluffy and toasty.

Belgium Style Waffles with Ice-Cream, Caramel Sauce, Chopped Walnuts and Fruits ($11.50)

The waffles were thick and crisp going well with the rich vanilla ice cream and the sinful caramel drizzle.

Double Stacked Pancakes with Maple Syrup and Blueberries ($15)

Having been on much of a pancake craze recently, I was incredibly tempted to order these initially. Alas the thought of the heavy lunch awaiting me put me off them that day. Thick fluffy pancakes drizzled with generous amounts of sweet maple syrup with blueberries on top – the sweet and eggy taste of the substantial pancakes complemented by the maple syrup makes for a sugar rush. But oh so wonderful comfort food it was.

Group Therapy is a perfect place to gather round with friends over great coffee and comfort food reminiscent of a good homecooked meal. With a nice laidback setting and friendly staff, I would highly recommend this place to groups of friends wishing to chill out over a couple of drinks (they serve artisanal beers!), food and a night-long of conversation. Do note that Group Therapy is closed weekday evenings as they also double up as an event space. I can’t wait to return for some therapy soon! And hope to see you there.

Group Therapy
49 Duxton Road
Singapore 089513

Contact Number: +65 62222554


Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 11.00 – 18.00
Friday – Saturday:      11.00 – 23.00
Sunday:                          09.00 – 18.00

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