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Antoinette @ Penhas Road


Antoinette has been on my to-go list ever since her opening just a couple of months ago. Being an avid fan of brunch and pastries, I have tried to make prior reservations on a few occasions (for Sunday brunch) but unfortunately, to no avail. Famously known as a local patisserie under the helm of Chef Pang, Antoinette has received much attention from the community of foodies and probably, those who have grown a little weary of the all-so-common brunch and hi- tea venues in the local dining scene.

We were definitely spoilt for choice. Other than the display of Chocolates, Marcorons and Cakes available at the counter, Antoinette’s menu covers a wide selection of Brunch items, Main dishes and chilled Desserts- most (if not, all) providing information on the concoction of the dishes and desserts.

I must say that I was very impressed with the exquisite furnishing and the conscientiously- designed layout of Antoinette, seemingly inspired by a typical French patisserie. Antoinette boasts a variety of elegant- looking furniture; comfy cushioned seats and dining (and coffee) tables for her customers, while the grand decor seem to contribute to the air of grandeur and magnificience. The lay-out did provide one with the impression that the venue is segregated into different corners for the various groups of customers, which might probably signify the respective individual private corners or personal spaces for each duo or group.

A long table of gratifying pastries situated right in front of the doors of Antoinette and a counter of enticing cakes located right beside the glass windows of the patisserie, the bewitching allure of the many goodies of Antoinette caught the attention of many passer- byers, causing them to pause right on their tracks and to subsequently take a peek into the patisserie.

Foreground: Hazelnut Danish ($3.50)     Background: Sugared Brioche ($2.00)

What was most memorable about the Hazelnut Danish was its pungent relish of cinnamon, which in my opinion, made the pastry really delectable. Together with the crunchiness from the use of nuts, the Hazelnut Danish tasted even more delightful due to its light crisp. I thought that the Sugared Brioche was quite underwhelming since the proportion of the sugared crystals was not as significant as to the entire pastry and as such, it tasted rather bland to me on several bites.

Florentine ($15.00)

I would opine that the appeal of this particular Savory Crepe came mostly from the use of Hollandaise Sauce and the raw flavor of the runny Egg Yolk. We thought that the Emmental Cheese could have been more apparent in the creation and that the shavings of Ham could have formed a greater part of the dish.

Club Antoinette ($18.00)

The Club Antoinette surprised me for it had certainly exceeded my expectations for it. I liked how the bread were toasted such that there was a light crisp on their exterior though the slices remained pillowy within. The fillings sandwiched in between were rather exciting, Crab Mimosa, Mustard, Omelette, Plump Tomato, Fresh Lettuce and Petit Salad with House dressing, some ingredients which were strong while the others, more of refreshing. The Potato chips served alongside, were actually rather appetizing and I do have to admit that I could not refrain myself from nibbling on them.

Antoinette ($9.00)

The patisserie’s signature creation, the concoction of Antoinette is definitely more sophisticated than how it visually appears to be. The Milk Chocolate mousse was infused with a strong relish of Earl Grey tea and we agreed that the flavors complemented one another perfectly. The Raspberry Coulis as encased in the form of a hemisphere on top, added a new element to the cake, in the form of a sour tang. I liked the soft biscuit hidden within the pastry too as I thought that it accompanied the rich mousse very well indeed. A highly recommendable dessert that is definitely a must-try should one decide to pay a visit to the patisserie.

Saint Honore L’Amour ($8.50)

A charming and exquisite- looking pastry, the savor of the Saint Honore L’Amour came from the hint of strawberry flavor and the Rose Petal Cream, which was rather light and subtle. I had particularly enjoyed the Choux pastry as it was soft and chewy to the bite. Although I am not exactly a fan of cream, I thought that the pastry went considerably well with to it.

Le Royale ($8.00)

Another favorite from Antoinette, the Le Royale pleased us in the form of its 64 percent rich Dark Chocolate mousse, Almond Meringue, Hazelnut Almond Feullitine, Chocolate Genoise and Dark Rum, giving rise to a delish mix of bitterness and sweetness which made a significant and delightful impact on the tastebuds. The thin layer of soft biscuit enhanced the gastronomical pleasure, as derived from the dessert itself.

I would opine that Antoinette’s service could have definitely been improved. Although the patisserie was merely handling a small crowd of customers, I felt that the waiters were just not attentive and conscientious enough. This was so as we had to constantly raise our hands for a considerable amount of time before the waiters came to our table and our glasses were unfilled most of the time. I would not deny that some of them were rather friendly but I thought that the rest might have to appear to be slightly more approachable to their customers. The dishes did arrive more promptly as we had expected though.

My experience at Antoinette has been very memorable, I had particularly fancied the fine creations (more notably, the cakes) and I had taken a rather strong liking in the ambience of the patisserie. It has actually reached a point whereby Antoinette is one of the first few places to cross my mind should anyone seek any recommendations for an exquisite hi- tea experience or a romantic dining venue for brunch. In comparison to the outlet located at Mandarin Gallery, I would personally feel that the setting at the Penhas Road outlet is actually more impressive. Do remember to make reservations in advance since the patisserie (like many others) has very limited seats available and I have seen many who have turned up at the counter, disappointed for they were turned away by the waiters as they had made no prior reservations with the patisserie.

30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188

Contact Number: 6293 3121

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Fridays, 11.00am till 10.00pm
Saturdays, 10.00am till 11.00pm
Sundays, 10.00am till 10.00pm


Jasper N.

5 Responses to “Antoinette @ Penhas Road”

  1. Kevin H S

    excellent post. I really like the pictures. and i do agree that Antoinette is an exquisite venue for an indulgence but of course, do be prepared of the price. But it’s well worth spent. Lastly, I believe the service can be improved too.

    • The Food Nomads

      Hi Kevin

      Thanks for the compliment! I would definitely concur with you that service needs to be improved at Antoinette. For the cost, I think the prices of the cakes at Antoinette are actually in line with that as set by the other patisseries as well?

      Jasper N.

  2. Jocelyn

    Antoinette is definitely a great place for desserts and some tete-a-tete. Can’t wait to go back with my friends. Was hesitant to try the pastries initially. Think I’m going to back to try them after reading your post!

    • The Food Nomads

      Hi Jocelyn

      I experienced a dip in standards the last time I paid a visit to Antoinette. You might want to take note!

      Jasper N.

      • Jocelyn

        Hi Jasper!
        When was that? Hmm I just went there before Christmas. How bad is it?


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