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Hediard @ Tudor Court


Started in France as a small gourmet shop over 150 years ago, Hediard has grown into a global lifestyle gourmet brand with over 200 retailers and 20 boutiques worldwide. Located at the row of colonial-style shophouses in Tudor Court, Hediard’s cafe-boutique in Singapore is a symbol of Parisian chic with its black and white exterior and red and black interior tones.

Adding a touch of understated elegance is the consistent use of the red and black colour scheme across its monogrammed china-ware, furnishings and product packaging.

Always up for coffee, Hediard is officially my favourite cafe in Singapore at the moment to enjoy a nice cuppa. With a pretty comprehensive tea and coffee list, one can choose from the wide variety available and I found particularly interesting that the caffeine percentages of each different coffee bean origin is indicated.

Served with complimentary petit fours, the coffees at Hediard are brewed in house with their own coffee beans which they sell as well at the integrated shopfront. Having tried the different coffee origins and some of the different brewing styles the previous few visits; I opted for a Cafe Mocha this trip.

Cafe Mocha $6.00

Incredibly smooth coffee with the lusciously rich chocolate taste complementing the well-roasted coffee beans. The coffee’s complex flavours were complemented and not overpowered by the chocolate making for one of the better cafe mochas I have had in Singapore. The chocolate used in its creation was also delicious and smooth unlike the artificial-tasting ones in other renditions.

Cappuccino $6.00

Topped with well-frothed steamed milk and dusted with chocolate powder, the cappuccino was also smooth and strong without being too acidic. I always particularly enjoy the petit fours they serve, be it a buttery Madeleine or a chocolate truffle, this thoughtful little touch of a sweet to go with the coffee is something I really enjoy.

Basket of 3 Viennoiseries $8.00

Consisting of one croissant, one brioche and one pain au chocolat, this pastry basket is a perfect way to start a lazy Sunday morning. Coupled with a cup of good coffee, these incredibly tasty and well-baked pastries would be how I would wish I could start every day.


Fluffy on the inside and crisp, buttery and flaky on the outside; Hediard’s croissant is one of the best I have had in Singapore and expectedly so for a French bakery-cafe. Though some may find it a tad bit pricey, I feel that this buttery slice of heaven is worth every penny.

Pain Au Chocolate

A puff pastry with melted pieces of chocolate inside; the chocolate was incredibly smooth and bittersweet a result of using decently good quality chocolate. Encased in a fluffy and buttery pastry, this was my favourite of the lot.


Brioche is a French pastry with a high egg and butter content and is usually served as an accompaniment. Though the crust was baked till golden and flaky, this was actually my least favourite of the three as it was too filling and slightly too plain on its own. If one were to order a soup or terrine, this would be perfect.

Croq Ferdinand $16.00

A dish inspired by Hediard’s founder, this was simply AMAZINGLY delicious. Two slices of toasted bread stuffed with parma ham in the middle and coated with a thick and rich layer of melted gruyere cheese (a hard Swiss cheese). The melted cheese complemented the salty taste of the parma ham with its rich and slightly sweet taste. Strong but not overpowering, the choice of gruyere cheese was definitely a wise one as the cheese was perfectly half-melted. The side of a salad was also fresh and lightly tossed with balsamic vinaigrette.

Eggs Benedicte $16.00

Usually not a huge fan of Eggs Benedict, I particularly enjoyed Hediard’s version of this dish due to the use of Parma ham instead of the run of the mill ham they usually use at other places and the very well-poached eggs. Served on a bed of greens, the Hollandaise sauce was also delish, tasting rich and creamy and of the perfect viscosity.

With near-perfect execution of their dishes and good freshly brewed coffee, Hediard has never disappointed me on the many visits I have made since discovering this little hidden gem. While some may feel Hediard is little on the pricey side as the portions are rather small, one is definitely paying for quality and every visit here has been worthwhile. Probably the closest one can get to a Parisian cafe in Singapore, Hediard is highly recommended for their weekend brunch or actually for any meal of the day, reservations are advisable. One of my favourite dining destinations in the city, I will be coming back regularly to Hediard both for their great café and also the awesome selction of merchandise available at the adjacent boutique, perhaps I’d see you there too!

123-125 Tanglin Road
Tudor Court
Singapore 247921

Contact No: +65 63336683,

Opening Hours:
Daily 9.00am – 8.00pm

Bryan C. and Jasper N.

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