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Porn’s @ Liang Seah Street


With a provocative name like Porn’s and minimalistic white and blue decor, this Thai eatery opened by local host Pornsak at the famous and perpetually crowded Liang Seah Street was our choice for lunch when we were in the area one day.  Hosting both indoor and outdoor seating areas, the tables were well laid out providing diners with enough space and privacy unlike some of the other restaurants along the street.

Colourful murals decorated the walls and we particularly enjoyed the clean feel of the place that was complemented by the light breeze that flowed through. Near starving as it was a late lunch, we proceeded to order from their menu which had a limited selection of dishes.

Tom Yum Goong (Tom Yum Soup with Prawns) $12.90

To start off, we got the must-have Tom Yum Goong that was of a good level of spiciness with a soury tang. Filled with prawns, button mushrooms and squid slices, the rich flavour of spice was complemented by the strong and fragrant essence of lemongrass leaves within the soup. Every spoonful of soup was a nice burst of spice.

Yum Mamuang (Green Mango Salad) $7.90

We also had another favourite Thai dish, mango salad, to start the meal. With fresh thin slices of unriped Thai mangos that packed a sour punch garnished with red chilies and peanuts in a spicy mix, this salad was pretty decent. The crunchy and sour mango strips was complemented by the spicy dressing that had a hint of sweet in it as well.

Gang Keaw Wan (Green Curry) $10.90

In order to sample more of their mains, we decided to order portions of a few traditional Thai dishes to share over white rice. Always a fan of green curry, we decided to try Porn’s version. With succelent and tender slices of chicken in a rich and milky green curry base, it was flavourful without being too overwhelming on the tastebuds unlike some other places which add coconut milk too freely. The juicy and fresh chunks of baby brinjal had a nice crunch to it and a natural sweetness that made the dish even better-tasting.

Gang Ped (Red Curry) $10.90

The red curry, on the other hand, was pretty average. Initially too lacking in spice, we sent the dish back to the kitchen so they could add more chili padi. The second time round, it was slightly more spicy and flavourful, however we were still disappointed that the dish did not bring out the full flavour of the combined ingredients and lacked depth.

Moo Kar Thiam (Stir Fried Pork with Garlic) $8.90

To cater to the few of us who weren’t fans of curries, we tried another of their “specialties” the stir fried pork with garlic. This dish though simple was done pretty well. Thin slices of pork loin stir fried with garlic and black sauce for just the right amount of time turned out delicious as the pork slices were juicy and full of wholesome flavour.

Pad Thai Hor Kai (Noodles wrapped in Egg) $9.90

Typically one of my favourite dishes of a Thai meal, this was just utterly disappointing as the noodles were bland and dry even though the presentation was good.

With decent portions and reasonable prices, Porn’s is not entirely ruled off my list of Thai places to go to. However, I definitely would not return to try this unless I am in the area and even then the nearby Shaw Towers provides better options for cheaper prices. Not the worst I have tried, Porn’s does not provide authentically flavoured Thai food and does a watered-down version that perhaps they feel is more suited for our local tastebuds.

28 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189049

Contact No:  63375535

Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday: 12 – 3pm, 6 – 10pm
Sunday: 6 – 10pm

Bryan C.

4 Responses to “Porn’s @ Liang Seah Street”

  1. E-Sarn Thai Cuisine @ Upper Thomson Road | The Food Nomads

    […] Pad Thai, yet another of my favourites, was a hit as well! Having achieved the right level of moistness, the noodles were of great texture and flavour. Not overwhelming salty from the use of fish sauce and allowing for the flavours of the other ingredients to stand out, the Pad Thai is better than the ones found at other casual Thai eateries such as Ah Loy Thai and Porn’s. […]

  2. June

    Read and heard so much about Porn’s Thai Restaurant. Ordered the Tom Yum Goong. The dish looked nowhere like yours…. wanted to upload the pic but don’t know how. For $12.90, there were only several shelled prawns (looks like frozen prawns) with mushrooms. Every dish here is much over-rated. Dissapointing meal.

    • The Food Nomads

      Hey June,

      Really sorry to hear about your bad experience with Porn’s. I do find their food a tad bit overpriced and quality is inconsistent even across dishes when I was there, had to send the dish back a few times as it was too watered down. Perhaps you could give Tom Yum Kungfu or Aloy’s a try?



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