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Gyoza no Ohsho @ Cuppage Plaza


My friend, R had decided to bring us to one of his favorite venues to satisfy his craving for good Ramen . I have never been to Cuppage Road and as such, I was slightly amazed when my friends brought me to this small stretch of road beside Centrepoint. Having been more attracted to the popular shopping malls around in town, it was a pleasant surprise to find many restaurants hidden within this area. Probably better known as Ohsho, the simple little Ramen stall has a setting which is similar to a coffee shop. As we had encountered the dinner crowd then, we had to wait for a while before we could settle down for our simple meal.

Background: Han- Chahan; Half-Portion of Fried Rice with Chicken ($5.00)
Foreground: Tenshinhan; Crabmeat and Egg with Thickened Sauce
on Rice ($8.00)

I was initially a little skeptical when my friend decided to order their Han- Chahan but I must admit that I was slightly impressed with the dish’s preparation. The ‘Yao Wok Hei’ (wok-fried) relish was rather strong and there were generous servings of egg and chicken within the rice. The other dish, Tenshinhan was quite delectable, mainly due to its flavorsome thickened sauce and well-prepared egg omelette which was wrapped around the rice.

Grilled Gyoza ($4.00 for 6)

We chose the Grilled Gyoza over the Raw Gyoza as it was the popular choice most would prefer. I would feel that the culinary team could be more generous with the meat fillings and each dumpling had a very thin skin as to what I have experienced. The Gyoza might be too greasy for some and as such, I might have preferred to opt for the Raw Gyoza since it might have eliminated the oily texture and in comparison, they might have tasted better since the skin is rather thin.

Tamago Ramen; Pork-Stock Soup Noodles with Egg ($13.00)

The Tamago Ramen was rather decent; the curly noodles had accommodated the soup well and the broth was somewhat flavorful, with a tinge of saltiness.  I was however, disappointed with the preparation of their Komi-Tamagos (Flavored Boiled Eggs) as I believe that they were overdone. The Pork cheeks were a little chewy but they did not particularly lay a significant impact on my taste buds and I feel that they could be better prepared.

Chilli Ramen; Spicy Pork- Stock Soup Noodles ($11.00)

The broth was neither heavy nor oily, though I had the impression that the concoction of the Spicy Pork- Stock Soup might have been from the use of Chilli flakes. I would prefer this dish as I felt that the noodles went better with the spiciness of the broth. The bean sprouts and corn bits did accompany the noodles well though I believe that the vegetables would be subjective to one’s preference.

I would personally feel that the Ramen noodles were not really that fantastic as claimed by a few; though the dishes were nonetheless satisfying. Prices are slightly cheaper than the leading Ramen restaurants within the local scene though Ohsho offers a rather extensive variety of other main dishes and sides. Not only were the seats limited but I had also felt uncomfortable, having to sit so closely to a group of strangers since tables were situated almost side by side. Then again, I should not really expect so much since Ohsho is a mere simplistic Ramen store offering their dishes at no additional surcharges. Is this place worth the try? If you are expecting a quick and fuss-free meal, why not?

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Gyoza no Ohsho
5 Koek Road
#01-10, Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796

Contact Number: 67357068

Operating Hours:
Mondays till Saturdays, 11.30am till 2.00am
Sundays, 12.00pm till 12.00am

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