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Ah Loy Thai @ Shaw Towers


Ah Loy Thai is a casual Thai eatery located in Shaw Towers, just opposite from the local ice-cream confectionary Tom’s Palette. Occupying two shop fronts, Ah Loy Thai is very simply and sparsely furnished with just the basic tables and chairs that were packed pretty close to each other. Not much ambience to speak of, I certainly hoped the food would at least be worth the visit there.

Tom Yum Soup $6.90

Starting off with a perennial favourite of mine, Tom Yum Soup, the red spicy hot soup got my taste buds tingling when it arrived. Always a fan of spicy hot dishes, the Tom Yum Soup was delectably good with just the right level of spiciness that allowed one to enjoy the other flavours in the dish and yet not overpower the senses. With pretty generous servings of squid and prawns, the soup was substantial and would go well with plain rice which complements the inherent spice of the dish.

Mango Salad $5.30

Another Thai starter I always enjoy would be the Mango Salad. Ah Loy Thai’s rendition of this dish was one of the better ones I have tried in Singapore. Using fresh unripe green mangoes, the dish was potent with large amounts of tiny chili seeds. The mango was also of perfect ripeness, being both sour and slightly crunchy.

Seafood Vermicelli Salad $5.50

The vermicelli salad, while not as spicy as the mango one, was well executed with the vermicelli being cooked to the right texture. This dish also had very generous portions of seafood, considering the very reasonable prices, which were fresh and well-cooked.

Thai Green Curry $6.50

To go with our white rice, we decided to order several main dishes to share including curry. Having opted for numerous very potent dishes in the beginning, we decided to go for the green curry. The curry was fragrant and flavourful with basil, large chilies amongst other spices being used in its concoction. The juicy and tender chunks of boneless chicken and the soft and tasty slices of baby eggplant were incredibly delicious in that sweet curry broth.

Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Basil $5.80

One of the many quintessentially Thai dishes we tried that evening, the Stir-fried Minced Pork with Basil Leaves was good but not outstanding. I felt that the pork was stir-fried for slightly too long, as a result it was pretty dry and hard. Nonetheless, the basil and chili added much needed flavour to the dish.

Pandan Leaves Chicken $9.00

The chicken wrapped in Pandan leaves were also delish with the natural flavour of the chicken, pandan fragrance as well as the typical salt and garlic marinade coming together to make for a very tasty chicken. The main gripe I had with this dish was the sheer amount of oil used to fry the chicken, so much so that the plate was filled with grease and I had to pat the oil away with napkins.

Phat Thai $5.90


Fried Glass Noodles $6.50

To end off the meal in a typical Chinese fashion, we ordered a Phad Thai and Fried Glass Noodles to provide us with our carbohydrate intake for the meal. Both the Phad Thai and the Fried Glass Noodles were pretty decent with enough flavour and the noodles having the right texture and level of starchiness. The portion was also incredibly generous with their noodles and ingredients, resulting in us having some difficulty in finishing one portion let alone two. The only thing we had against the dishes were that we felt it a tad bit too sweet.

For authentic Thai food at reasonable prices, look no further than Ah Loy Thai. Although some of their dishes are an assault on the taste buds with unreasonable amounts of salt and sugar, most dishes are above average and are definitely considered an indulgence. Come here with friends or family but definitely not a place if you are looking to impress the other party!

Ah Loy Thai
100 Beach Road
#01-39/40 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702

Contact No: 91651543 / 93297599

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 12pm – 8.15pm
Weekends: 1pm – 7.15pm
Closed on Public Holidays

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