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K ki Sweets @ Ann Siang Hill


Relatively easy to miss the pastry shop secluded in a little corner of Ann Siang Hill, I have heard about many raving reviews about the fine pastries that this little hidden gem has to offer. I have heard from various rumours that due to limited seating capacity, it is quite a supreme task to dine-in during their peak hours. As such, my friend, M and I decided to pay a little visit to this patisserie on a weekday afternoon, in hope that we could enjoy our high tea in their cafe.

We were rather fortunate to find ourselves being their only two customers in their patisserie (I mean, its a weekday but even so..). A very simplistic cafe, and probably quite spacious for the few furniture occupying the cafe. I felt that the walls which were painted in plain white, contributed to the serene ambience and laid-back experience M and I were immersed in.

The little Drom Store shares the perimeters of the ground floor with K ki Sweets. During my stay, I noticed that the miniature yet sophisticated store stole the spotlight away from her very close neighbour at times; with foreign expatriates or curious youngsters popping by the shop to check out the shelves of polariods, delicate-looking toys, books and many more.

Noisette ($8.50)

A new creation from K ki Sweets; the pastry consisted of five layers of hazelnut mousse and chocolate praline creme. I could really distinguish a certain nutty flavor, which was a little too strong in my opinion since it overwhelmed the subtle taste of the chocolate praline creme. I enjoyed the layers of soft biscuit the most as they went really well with the concoction of the cake.

L.R.R.H; Little Red Riding Hood ($8.50)

Glazed in a gleaming coat of chocolate ganache; the Little Red Riding Hood was one of my more preferred cakes during my visit to K Ki Sweets. Fans would enjoy the tinge of bitterness from the 70 per cent dark chocolate apparent in the cake. M and I were beginning to wonder about our other zesty flavor (from the raspberries) the pastry had to offer, when we found a thick petite slab of raspberry mousse buried within the heart of the The Little Red Riding Hood. The spirited sour flavor, complemented even better with the bittersweet taste of the ganache and chocolate mousse, as the bitterness might get a little dull with some towards the end.

Antoinette ($8.00)

Shaped in the form of a teardrop, the ironic resemblance was in actual fact, a delight for me due to the exquisite sweetness brought about by the rich relish of white chocolate. The tiny mango bits did bring a different touch to the cake, as by accompanying a mouthful of white chocolate mousse, it contributed a strong mango tangy sweet and sour flavor to every bite.

Kinabaru ($8.00)

Not particularly a fan of coconut flavors, I was convinced into having their Kinabaru as we were told that the latter was one of the patisserie’s more popular creations. Through the sole use of the coconut’s endosperm (or as we often name it, the edible ‘meat’ of the coconut), the cake was really light and it had this subtle relish of coconut which was not as overwhelming as to how coconut flavors would tend to be in other products.

In my opinion, there are two ways of enjoying the cake, one which is to only take a small slice off the white portions of the cake to have an exclusive taste of the coconut flavor, or the other, in which I had preferred; to have a share of the thin slab of passionfruit mousse sandwiched in between as well. The surprising outburst of exciting sour flavor overpowered the subtle coconut relish, which was definitely a great distraction from the main portions of the cake. I would have enjoyed it even more should there be a more generous serving of passionfruit mousse sandwiched within the centre of the cake though.

A very memorable visit paid to K ki Sweets, I am now in light of the craze over this humble little patisserie hidden away in Ann Siang Hill. It is only from this particular experience that I fully comprehend that the lack of seats in the pastry shop, should be for a certain purpose- which is to prevent any disruption to the peace and calmness which engulfs this spacious area. The tranquil setting and the petite cakes (with an exquisite Japanese touch) offered have definitely left me with a strong urge to return for a next visit. For cake/pastry lovers, this is definitely a venue you must not miss out from your ‘to-go’ list.

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K ki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill
Singapore 069791

Contact Number: 6225 6650

Operating Hours:
Tuesdays till Saturdays, 12.00pm till 7.00pm
Sundays, 1.00pm till 7.00pm

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