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Marmalade Pantry @ Ion Orchard


Marmalade Pantry has always been one of my favourite high-tea haunts in tea. Previously located in a quiet corner of Orchard at Palais Renaissance, Marmalade moved its premises to Ion shortly after its opening. An open concept café, Marmalade Pantry is situated in the middle of the 3rd floor of Ion Orchard right smack middle of numerous boutiques.  Wanting to settle down for a quick tea before we headed off to our various appointments, my friends and I decided to head down to Marmalade for a cake or two.

Cherry Crumble Tart ($6.80)

L decided upon a Cherry Crumble tart as he wanted something tangy and refreshing. Expecting the tart to come with slices of fresh cherry beneath a cherry glaze, he was pretty surprised when the tart arrived.  The tart was cake-like with a moist and egg-rich interior that was flanked by a buttery and crumbly tart base. There were small specks of cherry scattered throughout the tart and the cherry taste was pretty light for a tart. It tasted pretty good but we hoped for more cherry bits within the tart to add to the flavor and texture of the tart.

Ice Forest Berry Tea ($6.50)


On a tropical roll that day, L also ordered an Ice Forest Berry Tea to go with his tart as he was looking forward to a fruity and thirst-quenching drink. While I prefer my teas au natural, L added a lot of syrup to his tea, nonetheless the tea still had a distinct berry essence and was indeed a good choice to soothe one’s tastebuds.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake ($7.80) and Horlicks Milkshake ($9)

Having not had the Old Fashioned Chocolate Fudge Cake for quite a while, I decided to order that. An immensely rich and solid chocolate cake, the fudge cake slices are monstrous and have to be shared. Even amongst the 3 of us, we were unable to finish the cake that day. The thick and very chocolatey layer of fudge surrounding the chocolate cake is a dream come true for any chocolate lover. Sweet without being a sugar overload, the fudge was of good consistency and texture although the chocolate cake was slightly too dry for our liking.

J specifically wanted something rich and indulgent after a physically tough week and decided on a Horlicks Milkshake for his drink. Incredibly creamy with a generous amount of ice-cream and horlicks, the milkshake was a delicious and very sinful drink. J enjoyed it plentiful, especially since there is a rather distinct taste of Horlicks.

I decided to try their Caramel Latte ($7) as an occasional treat in my campaign to abstain from caffeine. A smooth and rich coffee, the caramel taste was distinctly sweet without masking the trademark nutty acidic flavor of coffee.

Cinnamon Spiced Apple Cake ($7.80)

My first time trying this cake at Marmalade Pantry, I initially thought the wrong order had arrived as it looked almost identical to their carrot cake. With a cream cheese frosting, the cake tasted like a carrot cake too being moist and incredibly flavourful with the large variety of spices used, however a distinct difference would be the use of apple sliced instead of shredded carrot that added an extra crunch to the cake’s texture and a more distinct fruity taste. The hint of cinnamon used also complemented the other flavours of the cake making this our favourite cake of the day.

A pleasant and affordable place to enjoy an afternoon tea in the heart of Orchard Road, Marmalade Pantry is recommended. With its convenient location and perfect vantage point to people-watch, this is a place to spend a leisurely afternoon just catching up with friends over good cakes and tea.

Marmalade Pantry
Unit 03-22
Orchard Ion
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

Contact Number:
6734 2700

Operating Hours
Mondays to Sundays 10am to 10pm

Bryan C.

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